We spent roughly 5 days in Vancouver, Canada, check out what we did and what we saw.

While in Vancouver we stayed in Gastown not far from the waterfront (a block away from the Gassy Jack statue). We stayed in an AirBnb on the edge of downtown close to Water street. Tyson was our host and was very friendly. The place was the perfect size and used card access to enter the building. There was no A/C so if you are traveling during the summer just know that, there was also no provided parking which was not initially clear in the listing. If you are traveling with a car be aware of the parking garage rates - we paid around $20/day, all in all the place worked out well. I have placed a link for Tyson’s place below. Water street has a lot of great characteristics, there is a famous whistling steam clock that plays on the hour and a Salvador Dali statue a block off the main street. Around us were tons of great places to eat, grab drinks, and shop for souvenirs.

Vancouver Activities
When we arrived in Vancouver we couldn’t wait to explore the area and find the cool unique characteristics the city had to offer. To be efficient we rented eBikes and cruised around the city, checked out Stanley Park, and scout out delicious food! We came across some really awesome local sculptures such as the Dali, the Drop, Gassy Jack, the Whistle Clock, and much more. Vancouver is not short of delicious food, finding a place to eat became challenging each night because of all the options we had at our disposal – there was a pretty awesome pizza shop close to where we stayed that I might have popped into several times for a snack. I strongly recommend visiting Stanley Park and riding the path along the seawall, especially in the evening close to sunset.

Hiking & Recreation
A good majority of our time spent in Vancouver was actually us driving to destination spots like North Vancouver and Whistler to explore different hikes. Once you’ve crossed into Whistler be sure to stop in at Whistler Village if you need to purchase snacks, beer, use the restroom, or just to check it out. Our first hike was the Wedgemount Lake hike about 20 minutes away from Whistler Village. Wedgemount was by far the most challenging hike that we tackled, the trail is 4.5 miles long where you climb roughly 3900 ft up to where the trail plateaus and you come across a serine blue glacier lake that is breathtaking. We bought some local beer to bring with us so that we could celebrate making it to the top with a cold one while we ate our PB&J sandwiches. I would recommend hiking poles for this if you have them.

The second hike went on was much much easier and was centered around a Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver. The total hike on the Baden Powell Trail was roughly 4 miles long with very little elevation, but excellent for a recovery day. Throughout Lynn Canyon you get to experience a pretty sweet suspension bridge, the 30 foot pool where you can cliff dive into the water (dangerous but epic), the Twin Falls bridge, and more. This was a great recovery day activity, totally free to enter the park, and really interesting beautiful sites – I strongly recommend if you have the time.

The third hike we did was back in Whistler at Joffre Lakes. I was skeptical of this hike because it used the same name as an unfavorable character from the HBO hit series Game of Thrones…but it is spelled differently so what the heck. Joffre Lakes was actually really awesome and a highlight of the trip. The trailhead is about an hour from Whistler Village and an epic drive. You start out by walking 5 minutes down to the first lake which is breathtaking, it feels like you should just stay there forever. From there you hike to the second lake which is about halfway up, probably 1.5 miles from the bottom. The second lake is much larger than the first and is surrounded by beautiful trees and mountains. You can walk out onto the lake on a tree that has fallen into the water and get a pretty great photo out of it.

The third lake is where it’s at though! Climb another 1.5 miles to the top for the best view you’ll get all day. From here you are at the base of the top peak where you can view the glacier that is feeding the lake. While you’re there you can hardly believe it is real, definitely take some time to soak up the view, eat some lunch, and if you’ve planned ahead…pop open that cold one to celebrate simply being there. On your way home make sure to check out Pemberton Brewing Company and Whistler Brewing Company.


Wedgemount Lake Photos


 Joffre Lakes photos


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