Our last two days were spent in Aanacortes, Washington, check out what we did and what we saw.

While in Anacortes we stayed on Fidalgo Island near Deception Pass. Unfortunately when returning from Vancouver we thought going back through the border would be relatively quick…but we sat there for 4 or 5 hours before crossing through. We had enough time to get checked into our AirBnb and then go for a walk around downtown, grab dinner, and catch the unbelievable sunset at Deception Pass. We ate dinner at an awesome restaurant called Adrift, this place is a must if you are visiting…the food was awesome, the people were awesome…just totally matched my kind of vibe.

We checked out a really cool maritime shop downtown as well, I bought a smiling whale sculpture because…why not. The island feels like something out of a movie, totally unreal and too good to be true. We found an excellent little overlook right outside of downtown called Cap Sante Park where you can overlook most of the city and the water, here we caught the first part of the sunset and experienced an amazing breeze. From there we set off to Deception Pass to catch the other half of the sunset, you get to cross the bridge and park at a nice little pull off where you can either walk out onto the bridge or trek down to the beach down the hill. On the beach I saw a porpoise fin bobbing in the surf (I know it wasn’t a shark because I was very informed that they do not have sharks there), I saw a seal crossing the channel, and when turning around to head back up the hill there was a pack of deer looking at me…this was very surprising and caught me off guard.

The next morning we got out early and checked in for our kayak tour, we only had time to do the 1.5 hour tour, but if I could do it again I would recommend doing the 3 hour or longer…it was just an awesome experience. Our kayak guide’s name was Thor and honestly couldn’t have resembled his name more. He was a super nice guy and was an excellent guide showing us around the bay of Deception State Park where we kayaked. We saw everything from starfish, jellyfish, ocean otters, herons, and porpoise while paddling. Once we wrapped up we wanted to spend more time discussing the area and exploring, but we realized we had our checkout time incorrect for our AirBnb and had to high tail it back to get our stuff out of our hosts way…they were very understanding and nice about the mixup.

All in all we really loved this place and just did not have enough time here, we’ll definitely be back before too long to further explore the island. After checking out we headed back to Seattle, returned our rental car, and hung out in the airport until our departure.


Anacortes Photos


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