I start from the very beginning.

I start by discussing your key business goals and examining the brand to explore the best solutions to represent you. By identifying & defining your key value proposition and understanding the target market/audience size for your brand I can then start developing the strongest engagement models that work for your company and establish your footprint in your market.

By starting with a Digital Road Map and utilizing multiple marketing channels that compliment and work with one another we can achieve stronger results and generate the strong brand awareness. My road map is built around your business goals and branding practices to effectively market your brand and drive customers directly to you.


The Road map

These are five components that go into how I create a successful Road Map for your brand (aka your brand strategy), no one road map is identical and it is not something that can be copied and pasted from one document to the next. Successful brands take planning, commitment, and time to grow.

Road Map
  1.  The Brand Vision
    Your brand vision is your ultimate goal, it is where you declare the pinnacle for your company. Part of your strategy is how you make decisions to climb to the top of that mountain.
  2.  The Brand Values
    Your brand values should be in-line with the business ethics that you most value and should also be standards for your brand. You stand by no matter what and they should exemplify what you as a brand are all about. These values should influence everything from the staff you hire to represent your brand to how you handle customer service. This is your code, write these in stone like they are your commandments.
  3.  Recognize Your Audience
    Recognize who your customer audience is as a whole, this is who is supporting you while you offer them a service or a product in return. Seeing as this is your brand's community, always take into account your decisions and actions before doing something without planning first. You always want for your audience to be excited and enticed about what it is that you are doing, formulate a plan that compliments your brand.
  4.  Brand Resolution
    What do you promise your audience as a brand? What do they expect from you? Make a resolution for what you do and live by it.
  5.  Brand Story 
    What story will be told later on when discussing the travails of how you climbed your mountain of success? Keep your brand interesting, stay involved with your community and generate positive brand awareness. No one likes to watch a boring movie right? Your brand should be the same way.